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Audio Tips & Tricks

BenQ X12000 LED UHD 4K projector - quick review

BenQ was kind enough to loan us the X12000 LED projector for demo and I took the opportunity to bring it home to compare it against the Sony VPL-760ES laser projector that I am currently using.  First impressions out of the box are good. The unit is hefty, well built and designed for good cooling in mind. The same chassis is used from the UHP powered W11000 to the LK970 5000 lumens laser powered projector. The amount of lens shift on this is phenomenal - making it incredibly flexible for placement. I could put it alongside the Sony projector on...

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High Fidelity Home Theatre sans Clutter

We often get this question. "I really love how amazing these speakers sound - but my significant other just does not want any clutter in our media room/living room/rumpus room. What can I do?" Thankfully, most speaker manufacturers have received the same feedback. And their response - custom install speakers that carry the same sonic performance as their in-room speakers, which can be hidden away. In walls. In ceilings or on-walls behind built in cabinets. Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) have been at the fore front of home and studio audio systems - being used in Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch mixing studios...

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Going the whole nine yards - the journey to PS Audio

Going the whole nine yards - the journey to PS Audio TLDR Summary - Run, don’t walk to your PS Audio dealer and do this:  Introduction I can’t remember which one of my friends first told me about a unique DAC architecture known as a custom discrete DSD DAC. But he was definitely raving on and on about them so much that I had to listen to one. Up until then, I was only familiar with off the shelf chip-based DACs, from the Wolfson in my first Cambridge Audio DACmagic, to the BurrBrowns in my Benchmark DAC1Pre and Bel Canto...

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Turntables 101 - Part 1 Understanding Turntable Design

Turntables 101We are going to kick off a new series about turntables this week. We will start with the basics of turntable design in the first article of the series and then cover setting up a turntable from scratch in the subsequent articles.Part 1 - Understanding Turntable DesignAs you delve into the world of turntables, you might face a daunting task. Once you step beyond the entry-level turntable range, there is a myriad of options - you have the choice of turntables and platters, tonearms with varying lengths and makes, and an even bigger choice of phono cartridges. Once you have...

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SUGGESTED SYSTEMS $2,000 - $8,000

Over the last few months, we have been playing with a number of systems and combinations and we have identified a few that we feel represent great bang for the buck.  If you are in the market for a new system, we’d highly recommend that you pop on down and have an audition.   $2,000 SYSTEM  If you had about $2,000 to spend, you really owe it to yourself to listen to this configuration: PS Audio Sprout DALI Zensor 1 or B&W 686 S2 DALI White Wave Speaker Cables   We keep going back to the PS Audio Sprout because...

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