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High Fidelity Home Theatre sans Clutter

We often get this question.

"I really love how amazing these speakers sound - but my significant other just does not want any clutter in our media room/living room/rumpus room. What can I do?"

Thankfully, most speaker manufacturers have received the same feedback. And their response - custom install speakers that carry the same sonic performance as their in-room speakers, which can be hidden away. In walls. In ceilings or on-walls behind built in cabinets.

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) have been at the fore front of home and studio audio systems - being used in Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch mixing studios and also the famous Abbey Road studios.

And now, you can get a whole range of custom-install speakers that have the same driver configurations as their flagship 800 Diamond 3 series of speakers.

If you are starting a new build or planning an extensive renovation, we highly recommend looking at B&W's in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

B&W CWM8.3D in-wall speakers 800 Diamond | Brisbane HiFiThe flagship in-wall speakers the CWM8.3D offer the same technologies as the 803D3 floor standing speakers - Diamond dome Nautilus tube loaded tweeter, Continuum midrange driver and dual Aerofoil bass drivers.

The flagship in-ceiling speakers, the CCM8.5D also use the same driver technologies as the 805D3 - Diamond dome tweeter and Continuum midrange/bass drivers.

B&W CCM8.5D 800 Diamond in-ceiling speakers | Brisbane HiFi

And if you are trying to fit out an existing room, the CT range of on-wall speakers are incredibly versatile. You just place them on a shelf or cabinet and place an acoustically transparent projector screen over them, hiding them from view. 

B&W CT7.4 LCRS on-wall speakers | Brisbane HiFi

Or use a combination of on-wall, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers just to create a fully immersive Atmos 3D audio environment of sound around and overhead. 

We are in the final stage of fitting out our brand new Dolby Atmos, UHD projection system with some B&W Custom-Install speakers. Come on down to have a listen!



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