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Audio Tips & Tricks

Adventures in Tube Rolling

Many customers in our store are often surprised to see tube amplifiers on demo. The PrimaLuna range of tube amplifiers may look retro but the sound they produce is anything but old school. Sure, you get the old world glow and a beautifully liquid midrange that makes you feel the singer is in your living room. But unlike many vintage tube designs, modern tube amplifiers like PrimaLuna have that punch and satisfying pace of modern solid stage amplifiers as well.    Most of our initial experiences with cheap tube amplifiers were anything but positive. Sure most tube amplifiers, even the...

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Home Networking 101 - for Music Lovers

Stereo systems used to be pretty much "plug and play". Plug in the cables to the right connectors. Put on your record or CD. Then press Play. These days it seems like you need to be a computer professional to get your music system going. And we are going to step you through what you need to get your spanking new system going. Why The Complexity? With modern systems, having a network connection does yield significant benefits such as: the ability to connect to your home computers or smart phones and tablets to stream music you may have purchased and...

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High Resolution Audio - without using a computer

One of the most common questions we get at the store is - How do I play high resolution music files without a computer? For those who are tech-savvy, using a computer makes perfect sense - it is infinitely configurable - and you can find an app that does pretty much exactly what you want to do. The problem is that computers sometimes act up. And that can really put a damper on your mood when you are settling in for some serious listening. And having a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse in your hifi rack just to troubleshoot computer issues adds...

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Downsizing - High Fidelity in an Apartment

Downsizing - High Fidelity in an Apartment As cities become more congested and our schedules become more packed, many are choosing to live in apartments, rather than in houses. There are many benefits to living in an apartment - no gardens and backyards to maintain, for instance and you are often closer to amenities - but the biggest drawback for audiophiles has been the lack of space for a high fidelity audio system.  In this article, we are going to look at building some systems that will shine in apartments.   The Living Room System One of the most logical...

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Audio Nirvana

In our last article, we assembled a great system for someone who was just starting out in this hobby. We tried to select components that delivered good value and bang for the buck. What we delivered was something you wouldn't need to upgrade again in a hurry. The thing is: once the bug bites, there will always be a hankering for the next level. But what does the next level look like? In this article, we will look at the other end of the spectrum. As before, we still want to consider products that are amazing performers and will compete with products that may...

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