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Audio Technica turntables - now at Brisbane HiFi

Audio Technica's first product in 1962 was a state of the art stereo phono cartridge so it is perhaps fitting that the first Audio Technica products we carry are their turntables.

Audio Technica LP120-USB | Brisbane HiFi

For the budding DJ in you, there is the LP120-USB which features a professional turntable - with 33/45/78 rpm speed control, slip rubber mat and even forward/reverse play.

Audio Technica LP1240-USB | Brisbane HiFi

For the professional DJ, step up to the LP1240-USB which features a high torque motor and is built to withstand the brutal environments of a live performance. 

Audio Technica LP5 | Brisbane HiFi

And if you have always loved the features and build quality of Audio Technica's professional DJ system but wanted a more discreet design, there is the LP5. The LP5 shares a lot of the internal components as the professional DJ series but has a J shaped tonearm that is reminiscent of AT's designs of the 60s and 70s - minimising tracking errors. The LP5 also features a custom AT95EX cartridge that offers extended resolution over the highly regarded AT95 cartridge. 

All these turntables include an integrated phono preamp - so you can connect the turntables to any line level preamplifiers or integrated amplifiers, as well as a USB Analog to Digital converter to a computer to transfer your precious vinyl to a CD quality WAV file or MP3 file for music on the go. 




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