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BlueSound Generation 2 On Demo At Brisbane HiFi

BlueSound Vault 2 | Brisbane HiFi

BlueSound might be a relatively new player in the audio industry but as a sibling in the NAD and PSB family, high fidelity runs in its blood. 

BlueSound's Back Story

Digital audio got its start like any other new technology. It was amazing and new – limited and imperfect – and naturally became the adopted standard for the next generation. We love technology, but we love music even more. To us, digital just wasn’t up to par, so we decided to set out and raise the bar on digital so that audiophiles and music lovers would hear what they’ve been missing since digital audio came into existence. Even 16-bit CDs have only about half of the audio spectrum that the master recording holds, and that’s a whole lot more than MP3s have left in them. With more than a decade of compressed audio piping through earbud headphones and cheap dock players, the time had come. The portable players we all love have created a new way of listening to music, but there hasn’t really been much there to hear. Until now. Enter true 24-bit HD digital audio.
All of your music, for all to hear.
Get your music out of your head and into the room. After all, music was meant to be shared! We are passionate about musical detail, texture and volume (we’re not just talking about decibels here), and we’ve painstakingly designed a cutting-edge pure digital platform that delivers on the total HD audio experience. Audio reproduction just like the moment they recorded it in the studio. Just like the musicans themselves wanted it to be heard. Add internet radio and online music services to your own digital audio library to the mix. Sound good? We think so.
And so do the critics.
You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate hi-definition sound. But you might just become one once you hear what you’ve been missing.


Brisbane HiFi is proud to be carrying the entire BlueSound generation 2 range. Bring along your CDs and see how easy it is to rip your current music library with the Vault 2 and have that music appear seamlessly in any room with another module in the BlueSound ecosystem.

And you are not just restricted to music in your own collection. BlueSound supports high quality lossless streaming from TIDAL, not just regular streaming services. Internet streaming doesn't have to mean low quality. 



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