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Hot New Pricing on Sonus Faber Venere and Principia ranges

Sonus Faber is a name we have always associated with high end audio - and pairs beautifully with both solid state and tube amplification. We have a dedicated room matching Audio Research electronics with Sonus Faber Olympica speakers that don't just sound amazing, they also look amazing with incredible craftsmanship, detail and design.

What is perhaps more amazing is that Sonus Faber has managed to bring some of that flair in design and sound to an even lower price point than before, bringing that enjoyment to a new market. If you are considering your first system, or even your second or tenth, be sure to audition the Principia and Venere ranges, now at Brisbane HiFi, which are now even more attractively priced than before. 

Sonus Faber Principia range

Sonus Faber Venere range

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