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2020 Sound + Image Awards

We've collated the winners of the Sound + Image Awards (2020) to showcase the amazing products we offer at Brisbane HiFi, including KEF LSX, B&W Formation DUO, and Naim NDX 2.

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Stereophile Dec 2015 - Choosing the Best Amplifier

In Stereophile's December 2015 issue, Editor John Atkinson evaluated several of their highest rated amplifiers to find the one with the best sound and bass response to drive the US$24,300 YG Acoustics Carmel 2 loudspeakers. Arcam FMJ P49 200W/channel US$4999 Parasound Halo JC-1 mono blocks 400W/channel US$8990/pair Pass XA60.5 mono blocks 60W/channel Class A US$11,000 MBL Corona C15 mono blocks 280W/channel US$25,000/pair PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated 36W/channel (triode) US$4399 Guess which one he chose?   He chose the PrimaLuna. So why is this so surprising?John Atkinson doesn’t care for the way most tube amps measure, stating “If you’ve been...

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Chord Electronics' new Mojo DAC wins Product of the Year

Chord's new Mojo digital to analogue converter available here at Brisbane Hi Fi has won What Hi-Fi's coveted Product of the Year award. Chord's new battery powered DAC that easily integrates with any smartphone provides the opportunity for stunning audio quality on the go. Packaged in Chord's typical solid Aluminium casing provides an exceptional feel and easily fits in your pocket.

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