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Dolby ATMOS Equipment

Dolby ATMOS is taking the world by storm as the new standard for surround sound audio - and it's here to stay!

Instead of the audio being sent to specific channels, Dolby ATMOS has more precise sound location data that tells the receiver to send the direction of a sound, and the unit places it exactly where it should be, regardless of your home. This means you can get the full home cinema experience without precise accurate speaker placement fuss!

With 9 and 11 channel options, you can choose exactly how you're willing to set up your system, you can even decide not to include some speakers! This turns even 5.1 systems into powerful systems that have never seen such good sound!

Using such a universal, well designed technology like this is sure to stay, as there isn't much to improve on from here - Dolby has designed a truly fantastic system, and the sound is incredible - just come in for a demo!