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BBC-inspired monitor loudspeakers ... perfected

For over 35 years Harbeth have refined the BBC loudspeaker legacy, creating loudspeakers in worldwide demand for their unbeatable clarity and resolution.

From the shoebox-sized P3 to the mighty Monitor 40.2, every Harbeth is a unique combination of tradition and technology. Inside the classic cabinets you'll discover the world's best drive units and computer-modelled and optimised crossover networks. It's this rare combination of proven legacy and advanced technology that produces the natural sound we're famous for.

At the heart of every Harbeth is the unique RADIAL™ cone technology. Precision made at Harbeth UK, RADIAL™ is the single biggest advance in loudspeaker technology for a generation – nothing beats it for that really 'being there' experience.

Best for listener involvement, best for clarity and best for accuracy – Harbeth delivers ultimate listening fulfilment. Prepare to re-live your entire music collection!

Harbeth Speakers | Brisbane HiFi

M30.2 XD NEW 2-way vented: Walnut Harbeth HL-Compact 7ES-3 speakers Harbeth - Brisbane HiFi

Harbeth HL-Compact 7ES-3 speakers

P3ESR XD NEW 2-way sealed: Rosewood Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers Harbeth - Brisbane HiFi

Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers

40.3 XD NEW 3-way vented: Exotic Ash Harbeth Super HL5 plus Standmount Speakers Harbeth - Brisbane HiFi

Harbeth Super HL5 plus Standmount Speakers