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Keep Calm and Love the Crazy Sale

There has never been a better time to get your first stereo or home theatre system. 

With prices starting as low as $268 for a pair of bookshelf speakers, you can afford to go nuts and upsize your choice. Imagine a full 3-driver floor stander speaker from a Danish company for just $749! Or a 12" active subwoofer with 170W of power for just $748.

If your preference is for something with a more British sound, we have KEF Q Series as well. Get the flagship Q900 floor stander with 8" woofers for a mere $1618.

And because we want you to get started right away, we will also throw in 2 meters of 14 gauge OFC speaker cables for every speaker you purchase in this promotion.

Hurry! This sale ends on 15th March and limited quantities are available.