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How Roon works

Roon is architected differently than most audio systems out there.

Roon consists of a single core and as many controls and outputs as you need. This means you get the same Roon experience whether you're running on a single PC or on devices around your home.

Roon may be a new name in the audio business but the team responsible for Roon began their work in Meridian and on their Sooloos system, honing their user interface and database engine. 
What makes Roon unique is that the music listening experience is richer. You are not just browsing a music library - but a music encyclopaedia that adds rich intelligent meta-data that they continually maintain and update. 

The problem

In the transition from physical to digital media, something has been lost. We have more convenience than ever, but no feeling of excitement or engagement.



to this

The solution

Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.

What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.

Roon turns this...
...into this: