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Marantz TT15S1


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Fulfilling numerous requests from analogue aficionados, Marantz developed the TT15s1 premium turntable. With acrylic resin chassis, solid aluminium feet, magnetic anti-skating, ceramic bearings, and continuous silicon belt, it delivers top-class performance and uninterrupted listening pleasure. The TT15s1 also includes the Marantz exclusive MM system in a stylish ebony body, so it is pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. Its anodised arm has been optimised to partner the unit perfectly, while the high-grade audio interconnect is directly fixed to the system. And, with a design that matches all other products in the Premium Series, it represents the ultimate addition to any audiophile's Marantz home audio system.

- Acryl chassis with heavy massive aluminium feet

- Minimised chassis resonances

- Chassis and feet shape matching to the new Premium design

- Very tight platter tolerances to guarantee rotational accuracy

- 3 cm thick heavy acryl platter

- Ceramic bearing in polished sinter bronze cap

- Endless silicon belt

- Motor dampened and isolated from chassis to prevent any vibration influence

- Marantz exclusive MM system in ebony body

- Anodised arm optimised to the system

- Direct fixed, high grade interconnect of OFC copper with RCA plugs

- Contact-free magnetic anti skating system

- Fine adjustable counterweight

- System pre-installed to assure easy set up

- Clever Clamp for better contact of disc to platter

- Black platter felt

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