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That's the way you do it! Brisbane HiFi Reference Tracks


Reference level production, songs we know well and some tracks that are just different...

We've put together a list of a few of our favourite tracks for reference material, demos and just plain great songs to hear through a wonderful HiFi system. In no particular order, here is Eddie & Josh's Favourite HiFi Reference Tracks:


David Byrne American Utopia Album Cover

I Dance Like This - David Byrne's American Utopia, Ed's Pick

While I love this whole album and generally listen all the way through when we get a system right, I'd have to pick I Dance Like This as a stand-out as far as reference listening goes. 
It starts with a great vocal intro with lots of little details placed around the soundstage's immersive atmosphere and huge, reverberant floor tom heartbeat. Just as you get comfortable the chorus slams you with a wall of bass and drums, with Byrne singing straight down the middle, slightly above himself harmonising with himself.

It has great spatiality, subtlety and swaps between quiet and in-your-face. It's also just a little weird.  Great track!

- Special mention to Everyday is a Miracle for it's atmospheric intro, great for hearing how encompassing a great system can be.


Cover for Joy Division's single Atmosphere

Atmosphere - Joy Division 12" Single, Ed's Pick

As the name suggests, Joy Division's single Atmosphere is very atmospheric.  A great balance of tight bass and percussion paired with droning synths, electronic strings and Ian Curtis' detuned style vocals.
The dichotomy of sounds really tests a system's ability to simultaneously render slowly building envelopes alongside tight transients all with a solid helping of reverb.


 We'll keep updating this list as we come across new material, got any suggestions?  Comment your favourite reference tracks below!

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