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Home Data Network Installation

Brisbane Hi Fi Data Networking

We can connect everything in your home fast, reliably, and securely.

Every modern, tech connected home has specific requirements for network layout and speed. We will conduct a survey of your home or business and design a network plan that suits your needs.

Our in-home network analysis provides a plan for how to maximise network speed, whether it be over Wi-Fi, ethernet, or the internet.

Installation results in cable trunking throughout a home and located to a single communications cabinet anywhere in your home. Here we install the core of the network components for centralised, reliable connectivity.

With the arrival of NBN and the increasing popularity of streaming service for both audio and video on demand, the need for a robust and reliable home networking system will become more and more apparent. Most consumer networking equipment just do not have the reliability to handle this increasing load. To address this shortcoming, we now supply commercial grade networking equipment that are designed for 24/7 operation and allows segregation of different zones (VLANs) for security cameras, control systems, audio/video streaming, etc. 

Benefits of a structured home network:

  • Improved network and internet speed
  • Full-home High Speed Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Shared storage systems (NAS, SAN)
  • Low-ping gaming
  • Whole-home audio
  • Video and document streaming
  • Redundant nightly/weekly backup systems
  • Redundant CCTV storage
  • Support for complete bandwidth usage of NBN Fibre connections

A solid home network is a vital preparation for the future of technology. Services such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more can become crippled by network congestion. A high-speed structured network is the first step to having an ever-expanding network to support anything all the way up to full home automation.

Typical Home Network Structured Home Network
NBN Fibre Speed 100mbit (advertised)
80mbit (Real-World Speed)
 100mbit, full utilization, load balancing
WiFi Speed 40mbit (Wireless N typical) 100mbit+ per client
WiFi Coverage 10m (Single Access Point) Full Home (Single or Multi Access Points)
Performance at full load Video Buffering, Packet Loss, device disconnections, slow webpage load times Managed and balanced packet management, network defines priority and provides reliable connections for all clients


We supply networking hardware from Control4 PAKEDGE specifically designed for this purpose. 


  • This replaces the flimsy routers built into your bundled modem
  • Your router acts as the brains of your network, redirecting and assigning data to their proper destinations. To get the most out of your network you need a router that offers all the features required for a seamless and scalable A/V system. 
  • High performance networking starts at the core. Every Pakedge router is built with advanced processors designed specifically to handle high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic. From single processors to dual core designs capable of gigabit throughputs, Pakedge routers represent the gold standard in high performance AV networking.
  • Pakedge Routers are specifically engineered to handle high bandwidth multicast audio/video media in commercial and residential environments. Pakedge TruStream™ technology, running on high performance processors, ensure that anything you throw at it whether it is high resolution audio, UHD video, and everything in between, we've got you covered.
  • Pakedge Zones™ separate network traffic into one of six zones – management, voice, audio/video, automation, data, and guest, for best performance. Pakedge routers incorporate algorithms to ensure all zoned traffic are routed properly throughout the network.
  • Pakedge routers incorporate exclusive Zone Bonding technology to connect devices across different zones that are normally isolated. This allows mobile devices like smartphones in Zone 1 to access security cameras in Zone 4 or listen to a streaming video feed in Zone 3. Zone Bonding technology in Pakedge routers provide the high network performance of Zones while allowing selective interactions between devices across zones for maximum flexibility and control.
  • For ultimate flexibility and control, Pakedge routers incorporate advanced traffic management algorithms and user defined traffic rules. For example, traffic from verified trusted sources can bypass anti-virus scanning for faster network throughput. User defined rules can specify how traffic is handled based on traffic source destination, application, service type and protocol, for maximum efficiency, performance, reliability and security.
  • Your network stays safe with Pakedge's integrated multi-layer security approach. The router plays an important role in this approach with both reactive and proactive technologies, including firewalls, access controls for devices and websites, VPN, DMZ and guest networks. On the SG models, advanced security is provided through a seperate Unified Threat Management system.
  • Pakedge management menus are designed with an emphasis on user experience/use interface (UX/UI) principles. We’ve created a simple, intuitive, easy to use menu, that is streamlined in look and feel across the entire Pakedge product line. This unified design language makes it easy to use any Pakedge product ensuring faster setup, easier configuration, and simple maintenance.
  • When integrated with the BakPak Cloud Management system, you can easily manage and configure the router, and any connected network device on the network from anywhere in the world using BakPak Cloud mobile apps or a web browser.

PAKEDGE Switches Superior Switches Designed for A/V

  • Pakedge Switches bring out the true performance of your connected devices. Combining features utilized by enterprise networks with a suite of features optimized for A/V devices, Pakedge switches are designed from the ground-up as the perfect complement to an A/V system – or the perfect way to power any existing network.

  • Easy Network Segmentation for Performance
    Pakedge Zones simplify VLANs for A/V networks by breaking them into six subnetworks: management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest. Network ports on routers and switches under these subnetworks are color-coded for easy identification. SX-Series switches make Pakedge Zones even easier with Zone Wizard and Zone Template technology. The Zone Wizard offers easy drag-and-drop Zone configuration, while Zone Templates allow users to choose from a series of preconfigured templates chosen based on industry best practices for optimized network performance.

  • SK and SX Pakedge Switches optimizes your A/V network by utilizing TruStream™ technology. TruStream eliminates lag, jitter, and buffering in streaming audio and video traffic, resulting in an un-interrupted media experience.
  • SE series FlexPower switches are designed to allow users unparalleled flexibility of installation. Designed to be powered either by PoE+ or its included AC adapter and able to provide PoE power to connected devices, FlexPower switches allow users an easy solution for nearly any installation scenario.
  • SK and SX series PoE powered switches provide users with portability and versatility – particularly in retrofit applications. These switches can receive power from a PoE switch in locations where easy access to wall plugs is hard to find.
  • Near Silent Operation An often overlooked, but incredibly important aspect of switches in AV environments is sound. Pakedge switches are designed for silent or near-silent performance – allowing them to be the backbone of your AV network in the most noise-sensitive areas such as conference rooms and home theaters.


PAKEDGE Wireless Access Points

  • Worry Free Wireless, Designed for AV
    Pakedge wireless access points provide high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network. Combined with the NK-1 Wireless Network Controller, the Pakedge portfolio of wireless products allows an entire network with multiple APs to function wirelessly and without interference.
  • SmartWav technology takes advantage of proprietary intelligent software algorithms and advanced antenna designs to adapt to each site to improve or enhance wireless transmission and reception while mitigating interference
  • Pakedge TruStream™
    With TruStream technology, network speeds are given a boost – ensuring peak performance for latency-sensitive applications like VoIP, streaming video, and streaming audio.
  • SectorMaxx antenna technology works in the background to improve signal-to-noise ratio, coverage, and reception. Sectormaxx improves range up to 3x over conventional wireless technology and ensures uninterrupted data transmission.
  • AC Wireless Access Points incorporate SectorMaxx wireless technology to provide higher throughput and greater usable range. This reduces the number of access points needed for a project.
  • AC Access Points support channels that are four times as wide (80 MHz), allowing it to carry more information to be transmitted at the same time – improving performance.
  • Pakedge Access Points incorporate TruStream technology to automatically recognize and prioritize latency sensitive voice and video ahead of other network traffic for seamless performance.
  • The WK and WX series incorporate the latest security encryption standards for truly secure wireless networking, including WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise.


And if you already have an existing system, that has grown more unmanageable with time, with unplanned patches and wires adding to the mess and complexity - we can get that all tidied up for you and build in the scalability and expansion possibilities for future upgrades.

Here are some before and after photos of what we have been able to deliver for our customers.

Tidy network cables before after | Brisbane HiFiTidy network rack before after | Brisbane HiFi

 Messy networking cables | Brisbane HiFiTidy network after | Brisbane HiFi

We offer:

  • Free On-Site Visits and Assessment
  • Complete data cabling solutions
  • Network topology plans and throughput analysis
  • Expansion of existing networks
  • Communications room design and installation
  • Network relocation
  • Network repair and cable upgrades
  • Re-cabling existing messy system to implement proper cable management and documentation
Network cabling | Brisbane HiFi

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