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Accuphase T-1200 DDS FM Stereo Tuner


T-1200 DDS FM Stereo Tuner

Using a blend of latest RF circuit design with sophisticated digital signal processing, most major
functions after the intermediate frequency stage such as the variable bandwidth IF filter, multipath
reduction, digital FM demodulator and DS-DC stereo demodulation have been moved to software on
the DSP chip. Manual tuning using the pulse tuning method, plus 20-station memory tuning. A digital
output provides further flexibility. Realizing impeccable sound quality and outstanding performance in
an easy to use format, this FM tuner has been developed for demanding audio and music connoisseurs.

  • Double-tuned front end easily handles high signal levels
  • Revolutionary DDS principle for local oscillator
  • Variable bandwidth IF filter prevents interference
  • Multipath reduction function
  • Digital FM demodulator keeps distortion and noise to a minimum
  • DS-DC achieves ideal stereo demodulation with DSP technology
  • MDS type D/A converter
  • Memory buttons give quick access to 20 stations


Download the Brochure here.

Download the Fact Sheet here.


 Usable Sensitivity 9dB μV
S/N 50dB quieting sensitivity 12dB μV
S/N ratio 
(85 dBf input, A-weighted)
Total Harmonic DIstortion 
(85dB μ input, ±75kHz deviation)
20Hz 0.02%
1kHz 0.02%
10kHz 0.02%
Frequency Response

10 to 15,000Hz    
+0 -2.0dB
Alternate Channel Selectivity 
(IF Bandwidth 250kHz)
Intereference Signal Selectivity
400kHz 70dB
300kHz 30dB
200kHz 10dB
Capture Ratio
RF Intermodulation 80dB
SPurious Response Rejection 120dB
Image Rejection 100dB
AM Suppression 
(70dB μ input)
Rated Output Voltage
(±75kHz deviation)
S/N 40 dB quieting sensitivity 18 dBμV
S/N 50 dB quieting sensitivity 30 dBμV
S/N Ratio
(85 dBf input, A-weighted)
76 dB
Total harmonic distortion
(85 dBμ input, ±75 kHz deviation)
 20Hz 0.04%
1kHz 0.04%
10kHz 0.04%
Frequency Response
 10 to 15,000Hz +0 -2.0dB
Stereo Separation
 100Hz 65dB
1kHz 65dB
10kHz 50dB
Stereo Trigger Level 9 dBμV
Subcarrier Suppression Ratio 70 dB
 Antenna Input 75-ohm coaxial (F type connector)
Standing Wave Ratio 1.5
Tuning Principle 
 DDS synthesizer tuning
20-station random memory tuning
Variable bandwidth
IF filter
50 kHz, 75 kHz, 100 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz switchable
FM detection principle Digital FM demodulator
Stereo demodulation principle DS-DC
C Digital output
(IEC 60958)
COAXIAL  0.5 VP-P 75 ohms
Sampling frequency: 48 kHz / 24 bit
Output Impedance 
(XLR type connector)

Meter Signal strength / Multipath, switchable
Power requirements AC 120 V/220 V/230 V 50/60 Hz
(Voltage as indicated on rear panel)
Power consumption 20W
Maximum dimensions

Width 465 mm (18.30")

Height 151 mm ( 5.96")

Depth 406 mm (16.00")


13.0 kg (28.7 lbs) net

19.0 kg (41.9 lbs) in shipping carton

Supplied Accessories
  • AC power cord
  • Audio cable with plugs (1 m)
  • Remote Commander RC-430


  •  An FM antenna is required to use the T-1200. Please consult your dealer regarding antenna installation.
  • In residences with shared antenna systems, confirm that the antenna outlet carries FM signals.
  • Use a 75-ohm coaxial cable with F type plug for the antenna connection.
  • This product is available in versions for 120/220/230V AC. Make sure that the voltage shown on the rear panel matches the AC line voltage in your area.
  • 230V version has an Eco Mode that switches power off after 120 minutes of inactivity.
  • The shape of the AC inlet and plug of the supplied power cord depends on the voltage rating and destination country.
  • The reception frequency range, number of display digits, and tuning frequency steps differ in models for different countries. The antenna connector may also be an IEC type or F type connector. Please verify that you have the correct model for your area

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