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Dual CS-458 Turntable




AVR CS-458 Turntable

The tried and tested fully automatic technology is being rethought. Through the use of new materials and manufacturing methods, the performance of the turntables made in Germany from the Black Forest improves significantly.

Tonearm technology:

A new development, the Dual E (asy) motion wire tonearm internal wiring, ensures a smooth drag of the tonearm and a brilliant sound. The bearing of the tonearm has also been completely revised. The torsion-resistant and removable tonearm head is made of carbon fiber, suitable for pickups with 1/2 "(13mm) attachment. 

Chassis technology:

The solid wooden console made of MDF in combination with a floating sub-chassis (tonearm, turntable and automatic are floating) absorbs any form of vibration and impact sound. The completely revised console is part of the new development of the 458 and only serves one person to raise the sound performance significantly into higher spheres. The delivery includes the MM Technika AT-91E cartridge.

Drive technology:

A DC motor with electronic speed control is used to drive the plate, which drives the vibration-dampened aluminum platter via a ground flat belt. The electronic speed monitoring is completely new, the synchronism has been improved again, the sound image benefits with an even better balance.


Rotational speed:

33/45 rpm

Synchronization fluctuations:

0.07 / 0.04% DIN / WRMS

Rumpel-external voltage distance:

48 dB

Rumble to noise ratio:

72 dB

Transmission range:

20 Hz - 22 kHz

Depth sensing capability:

70 ym (300 Hz)

Height sensing ability:

0.55% (10 kHz)

Resonance frequency:

10 Hz

Eff. Tonearm length:

211 mm


19.5 mm

Crank angle:

26.1 °

Dimensions (WxDxH):

430x360x130 mm


6 kg


Black matt, wood look

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