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Optional Set includes Speaker and Table Stand (NOT Stand pictured)

The Loewe Technology bild 5 OLED TV in combination with Loewe bild 5 klang and Loewe klang 5 system is the perfect solution for a breath-taking cinema experience at home. Vivid colours, absolute black and precise picture quality are delivered via the OLED display that’s housed in a minimal motior-style display. Multi- and mobile-recording provide flexibility for busy lifestyles, while the modular system allow you to add to this ultra-slim design.

OLED Display
This innovative technology creates brilliant, vivid colours and a perfect absolute black

High Dynamic Range inc. Dolby Vision
Incredible life-like picture quality! Improved brightness, enhanced contrast, expanded colour palette and more refined detail thanks to HDR including Dolby Vision, HDR10 & HLG

Ultra High Definition
Perfectly precise, natural and life-like picture quality, thanks to Loewe intelligent Scaling Algorithm

Integrated 5.1-Audio-Decoder
Allows customized compilation of individual Home Cinema systems via the Loewe DAL interface

Digital Recording DR+
Pause live broadcasts and record up to two programs (Multi Recording) simultaneously, even on the go (Mobile Recording)

Loewe OS
Easy and intuitive operation via clearly structured and beautifully designed user interface

The minimal monitor style TV display, can be used with or without the Loewe bild 5 klang soundbar (80W) and an extensive choice of stand options

The ultra-slim OLED-panel and the minimalistic design combines with a delicate Loewe eye and the retro décor line detailing below the panel in Piano Black or in Silver Oak

Modular System
With the Loewe bild 5 OLED, you get a flexible modular TV concept enabling tailor-made set-up solutions. The minimalist display with the smallest possible dimensions and fine detailing acts perfectly as the center of your living room design. Loewe bild 5 OLED can be integrated perfectly into your sound system thanks to the DAL interface, the klang link enables wireless connectivity. Add the optional Loewe bild 5 klang and the display transforms to a TV set with soundbar delivering 80 watts music output.  The bild 5 klang soundbar excels as a stereo speaker or as the center speaker within the sound system. Through a wide variety of installation solutions, e.g. Loewe FS 5, FS Plate 55-65, Table Stand Plate, WM 67, you will be able to install the bild 5 OLED TV in your desired location (more than 40 different variants available)

Impressive Picture Quality
The latest generation OLED panel delivers perfect picture quality. With bright, natural colours and perfect black, the bild 5 creates impact from the very first moment. With the minimal panel design and ultra-slim profile, of under 5mm, the TV has a stunning contemporary character. With full Ultra HD resolution, high dynamic range (inc Dolby Vision) and the proven proprietary Loewe image processing algorithms provide the quality of the picture is second to none. Thanks to the wide viewing angle of OLED panels, the display does not loose any of its vibrancy or colours even when viewed from a wider angle

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