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Cambridge Audio Minx Adjustable Floorstands

Cambridge Audio

Minx Adjustable Floorstands

With matching finish and cable management for clean looks, the CA600P is the perfect compliment for your Cambridge Audio Minx. The stands were easy to assemble and they also look good. They don't take up too much floorspace and the height of the stands can be easily adjusted. Height adjustment upto 1100mm makes them ideal for getting the best sound possible out of your Minx speakers. 


Minx satellite floor standing speakers can be mounted a number of different ways. They can sit on any surface or be mounted on adjustable floorstands, discrete table stands or pivoting wall mount brackets. So there’s always a practical way of integrating the Minx speakers into your home. 


Fashioned from high lacquer steel and UV bonded tempered glass, this neat stand is available in black (or white) and features integrated cable management.



High gloss black

High gloss white

Dimensions 720mm (28.3'') min height

1112mm (43.8'') max height

152mm (5.9'') width

200mm (7.8'') depth
2.9Kg (6.4lbs)

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