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Cambridge Audio X201 200W Subwoofer

Cambridge Audio

X201 200W Subwoofer

Configured with a single, powered cone and twin passive cones, the X201 delivers enhanced bass response with lots of detail and control. Although small, the X201 packs a mighty 200W from its active amplifier and offers gain, phase and crossover control for full control and integration with a complete Minx system.


Minx Series: Ultra compact speakers

The Minx series redefines what’s possible from speakers this size. Each unit is discrete in both stature and design, yet they all produce a huge sound normally only associated with much larger, traditional box speakers.

The Minx range is comprised of 4 different models: two satellite speakers, Min 12 and Min 22, and two subwoofers, X201 and X301. Each of the products work together harmoniously so you can pick a combination that suits your space, whether 2.1 or 5.1, and will sound perfectly matched.

Minx is finished to the highest possible standards in stunning white or black high gloss lacquers, using paint application techniques mastered in the premium car industry. Easy to clean, hard to scratch – Minx will look as good as it sounds for many years to come.

Cambridge Audio Bookshelf Speaker


Complementing the satellites are two subwoofers, each packed with cutting-edge technology to maximise bass performance from the smallest cabinets possible. The 200 watt X201 and the 300 watt X301 subwoofers both feature forward firing drivers and Auxiliary Bass Radiators resulting in room shaking bass.


Stay in Control

Minx X201 features intuitive controls for volume and cross frequency, making room placement and tuning the sound to your system a breeze.


Innovative Drivers

The Minx X201 uses an Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) in addition to it's primary driver. This means subwoofer doesn't require a closed box or enormous cabinet to give great bass. Instead, X201 produces a rich, deep sound despite its minuscule size and does so extremely efficently. 

Bulldog X201

Intelligent Power

Minx X201 features a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalization and dynamic range. This results in a tighter bass and less distortion at high volumes. 

The Minx Family

200 Watts of Power 

Minx X201 is an active subwoofer with 200 watts of power. Enough to add a rich, deep bass to any set up. 

X201 Front



Understand design ensure that no matter your interior decoration choices, Minx X201 is always right

X201 Side




36Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz


Active – variable 50Hz-200Hz


1 x 6.5" subwoofer 2 x 6.5" passive radiator


219 x 210 x 222mm (8.6 x 8.3 x 8.7")


5.0Kg (11.0lbs)


High gloss black High gloss white

"With eyes closed, nobody would believe that loudspeakers are playing and are barely larger than a can of cola... after having lived with the Min21 and X300 I can report to you that the Min21’s sound even better than the already excellently performing Min20’s."

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"Where space is tight, the miniscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous."

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“Well, Bose is about to get a sound thrashing from the British boys at Cambridge Audio, whose brand-new minx is even smaller than Acoustimass – especially the subwoofer – and simply better. Much, much better. I’ve listened to the two side by side, and the Bose by comparison sounds notably clumsy and muffled.”

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