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 Magnify Tonearm Clearaudio - Brisbane HiFi

Magnify Tonearm


Its hybrid bearing on high-precision balls and magnets make the Magnify tonearm something special. This innovative design not only ensures interference-free and resonance optimized playback, it also noticeably simplifies set-up and adjustment. The headshell and azimuth can be easily fine-tuned and with the optional VTA-Lifter it is possible to adjust the VTA even during playback.

This tonearm defines the standards – not least because it is compatible with many cartridges. It is equipped with high quality Clearaudio DIRECT WIRE in a continuous run from the cartridge connectors to the tonearm cable plugs. A tonearm that stands for ultimate sound clarity.

Construction details The construction principle is based on the Exact tonearm and has been optimized in many details.
The tonearm allows:
  • the user friendly fine adjustment of the Antiskating, even during the playback!
  • the setting of the magnetic damping is fine adjustable.
  • In combination with this innovative tonearm bearing design
  • Magnet – Ball bearing– Hybrid
  • With Carbon tonearm tube
Cartridge balance range 4.7 gram – 22 gram
Null points Inner: 66.04
Outer: 120.9
Overhang 17.31 mm
Wiring clearaudio Sixtream Super Wire (1.1 m)
terminated with MPC Cinch
Distance from pivot to stylus 222 mm
Offset angle 25.54 °
Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius 0.123 °/cm
Middle skatingfactor at a radius of 133 mm and 83.9 mm 0.49
Effective Tonearm length 9.4 inches (exact 239.3 mm)
Overall length 345 mm
Mounting style Clearaudio (diameter of bore 24,85 mm)
Weight 620 gram (incl. Turboweight)

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