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Unify Tonearm


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A sapphire bearing and a hardened, precision polished steel tip are at the heart of a tonearm made of the best materials - and probably one of the best unipivot constructions in the high-end audio history. The base consists of a stainless steel pillar, the arm is made of carbon fibre and the bell is made of aluminium. This clever mix of materials guarantees resonancefreebehaviour resulting in seemingly gigantic sound spectra of vivid colours and rich detail. Effective weight reduction ensures that the friction in the single-point bearing approaches zero. The vertical and horizontal tracking angle are adjusted separately. The proven Sixstream Plus tonearm cable used in the Unify provides an unbroken signal path. Any passionate audiophile cannot fail to be enchanted by the Unify.

This exceptional tonearm is available in 9, 10 and 12-inch lengths.

Unify 9 inch
Construction details One point saphire bearing, carbon fibre(black or silver)/stainless steel construction, incl. Unify mount base.
Cartridge balance range 2.5 gram – 17 gram
Null points Inner: 66.04
Outer: 120.9
Overhang 17.3 mm
Wiring clearaudio Sixtream Super Wire (1.1 m)
terminated with RCA plug
Distance from pivot to stylus 222 mm
Offset angle 25.54 °
Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius 0.123 °/cm
Middle skatingfactor at a radius of 133 mm and 83.9 mm 0.49
Effective Tonearm length 9.4 inches (exact 239.3 mm)
Overall length 300 mm
Mounting style Clearaudio (diameter of bore 24.85 mm)
Weight 772 g (incl. Counterweight)

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