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 Universal Tonearm Clearaudio - Brisbane HiFi

Universal Tonearm


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High precision ball bearings in the vertical and horizontal axes guarantee that the tonearm provides the perfect conditions for the cartridge to track the record groove without adding any colouration or distortion. The arm tube is made of carbon, ultra stiff but lightweight, providing maximum stability and perfect tracking. The easy and exact setting of azimuth and VTA are child's play – and with the optional VTA-lifter the adjustment of VTA can be done even while playing a record. The Universal is compatible with almost all popular cartridges, thanks to easily interchangeable counterweights and a fine scale which makes the precise adjustment of tracking force elegantly simple.

Available in 9-inch and 12-inch lengths.

Universal 9 inch
Construction details Genius radial tonearm using ultra low friction bearings. With plenty of fine adjustments e.g. the headshell`s azimuth. With Carbon tonearm tube.
Cartridge balance range 2.9 gram – 24.8 gram
Null points Inner: 66.04
Outer: 120.9
Overhang 17.31 mm
Wiring Clearaudio Sixtream Super Wire (1.1 m)
terminated with RCA plug
Distance from pivot to stylus 222 mm
Offset angle 25.54 °
Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius 0.123 °/cm
Middle skatingfactor at a radius of 133 mm and 83.9 mm 0.49
Effective Tonearm length 9.4 inches (exact 239.3 mm)
Overall length 345 mm
Mounting style Clearaudio (diameter of bore 24,85 mm)
Weight Approx. 740 g (incl. Counter – Turboweight)

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