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FinkTeam Borg


Borg Bass Driver

Once heard, the benefits of a 10.25 inch mid/bass are difficult to forget - smaller 2-way systems just sound anaemic after hearing a 10 inch. A level of dynamics and naturalness around voices that is unusual and a richness to the sound without bloom or boom (in a well-designed system) that just sounds right is what the Borg brings to the table.

Fink Team Borg close up picture

Quiet Cabinet

Loudspeakers easily create structural resonance which disrupts the listening experience, but the Borg cabinet has been specially designed with this issue in mind. Understanding that quiet cabinets allow for detailed reproduction, the design focuses on panel damping to reduce the panels' amplitude to inaudible. The multi-thickness MDF panels and damping layer achieve this with ease as the internal friction converts vibration to heat.

HF Unit

The tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) which has extremely good internal damping, resulting in particularly low distortion. A special etching process was developed to produce it and the diaphragm configuration optimized through a series of tests.

Given the 10.25 inch mid/bass unit and a lower than average crossover frequency of 1600Hz, a larger AMT driver with a 6464mm2 surface area was ideal. Frequency response easily reaches up to 30kHz while distortion is very low and mainly second harmonic. The AMTs almost constant impedance also facilitates simplified crossover design.


Besides linearity and signal-to-noise, the other key parameter the FinkTeam fight for is low distortion as it makes it easier to listen for longer and for instruments to sound more natural. Compare brass instruments live to that reproduced by the average hi-fi system and to a system with low distortion and it’s clear that low distortion is far more natural.


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"This could well be the best speaker we have had here for review at Hifi Pig Towers below AUD$60K."

- Read  Review from Hi-Fi Pig for Borg here.


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