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Grandview Accoustically Transparent Flocked Frame Fixed Projection Screens (95"-150")


Grandview Accoustically Transparent Flocked Frame Fixed Projection Screens (95"-150")

Product Description

3 Year Australian Warranty Delivery insurance included within Australia! Australian Model Technical Support 1800 818 360 16:9 Aspect Ratio 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

Key Features

 80mm bevelled frame with detailing for strength

 4K compatible & outstanding sound penetration

 Simple assembly - screen material is attached with a loop & hook system

 Unique top & bottom locking bars ensure a straight installation every time

 Frame is finished in black velvet to provide an absorbent contrast border for the image


Grandview Flocked Frame Fixed Projection Screens


Grandview Flocked Frame Screen, Black Velvet

The GV Flocked Frame screen offers easy installation with the unique top and bottom locking bars ensuring straight assembly every time.

With an 80mm bevelled frame for extra strength and featuring a deluxe black velvet frame finish designed to absorb any stray image keeping the borders crisp and sharp. The GV Flocked Frame Screen is supplied flat packed for easy transportation and delivery.

This screen is the perfect choice for home theatre.


Acoustically Transparent Fabric

The unique woven structure is designed to be 4K compatible and the fabric is compliant with all ROHS and REACH standards. Furthermore, the screen is also anti-UV, washable, mildew resistant, fire retardant and works in environments from -20 to 60c.


Image size
(Diagonal) inch

Aspect Ratio Image size 
(W x H) mm
Frame Size 
16:9 Aspect Ratio
95" 16:9 2103 x 1182 2263 x 1342 9
100" 2215 x 1245 2375 x 1405 9
110" 2435 x 1370 2595 x 1530 9
120" 2656 x 1494 2816 x 1654 14.2
130" 2880 x 1615 3040 x 1775 14.9
140" 3099 x 1742
3259 x 1902 15.3
150" 3320 x 1868 3480 x 2028 15.5
2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
120" 2.35:1 2804 x 1193 2964 x 1353 -
130" 3038 x 1293 3198 x 1453 -
140" 3272 x 1392 3432 x 1552 -
150" 3505 x 1492 3705 x 1692 -

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