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Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers


Harbeth P3ESR speakers

P3-ESR 2-way sealed: 110mm Harbeth RADIALTM bass/mid; 19mm tweeter

Amazing clarity and astonishing bass from a beautiful shoebox-sized cabinet - the RADIAL2™ Harbeth P3ESR is the ultimate mini monitor. The rich Harbeth sound, in miniature. 

Harbeth's world-exclusive RADIAL2™ technology has been transferred to the heart of the mini P3ESR. Designed and made by Harbeth UK, the RADIAL2™ 110mm (5") bass/midrange driver offers the hallmark clarity and naturalness of the larger Harbeths. 
Breathtaking transparency, real bass, and fantastic holographic imaging endow the P3ESR with grand, captivating, transparent sound presented in a conveniently small and beautiful cabinet.

"I love the Harbeth P3ESR... the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A mini-monitor concept." -  John Atkinson, 'Stereophile' USA

Available in Cherry or Black Ash as standard, Eucalpyptus (+$100), Maple (+$100) or Rosewood (+$200).

Drivers: 2-way sealed: 110mm (5") Harbeth RADIAL™ bass/mid; 19mm Ferro-cooled tweeter with HexGrille
Freq Response:  75Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB Free space, grille on, smooth off-axis response)
Impedance: 6 ohms - easy to drive
Sensitivity: 83.5dB (@1W/1m)
Amplification: Works with a wide range of amplifiers, ideally from 15W/channel
Dimensions: 306 x 190 x 184 mm (HxWxD, +12mm for grille and binding posts)
Weight: 6.1kg each (without packing)


"The Harbeths, make no mistake, have a level of neutrality and transparency that would satisfy most audiophiles."

- Read the full review by Stereonet here.

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