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LINN LP12 turntables were designed to be extremely modular so you can customise every component to your hearts content. 

It can be daunting for beginners so we have created four packs that we think should satisfy most of our customers who want a hassle free experience. 



The MAJIK LP12 gives beginners a way to experience the beautiful magic of the Sondek LP12 turntable that has evolved over the years. The pack includes

  • SONDEK LP12 plinth
  • Standard sub-chassis and armboard
  • MAJIK LP12 Power Supply
  • Solid Aluminium Base
  • ADIKT moving magnet cartridge
  • ProJect 9cc tonearm
  • 45rpm adaptor


The AKURATE LP12 steps up considerably over the MAJIK

  • SONDEK LP12 plinth
  • KORE bonded aluminium structured sub-chassis and armband and collar
  • LINGO Power Supply
  • TRAMPOLIN Suspended Aluminium Base Board
  • KLYDE moving coil cartridge
  • AKITO tonearm
  • 33/45 rpm Speed Selection



The KLIMAX Standard Pack brings the flagship KLIMAX design into a single package

  • SONDEK LP12 plinth
  • KEEL one-piece solid aluminium sub-chassis and armband and collar
  • RADIKAL Power Supply in Akurate chassis
  • TRAMPOLIN Suspended Aluminium Base Board
  • KANDID moving coil cartridge
  • AKITO tonearm
  • 33/45 rpm Speed Selection



The KLIMAX LP12 Machined Pack is pretty much the same components of the Limited Edition LP12 - sans whisky and the limited edition Highland Whisky cask plinth so you get the

    • SONDEK LP12 plinth
    • KEELone-piece solid aluminium sub-chassis and armband and collar
    • RADIKAL power supply (machined from solid)
    • TRAMPOLIN Suspended Aluminium Base Board
    • URIKA phono stage
    • EKOS SE tonearm 
    • KANDID MC cartridge
    • 33/45 rpm Speed Selection 

If you want to build your own LP12 to your own standards or are looking to upgrade components from your current LP12, please feel free to contact us. Here's an idea of the options available to you:

  • Start with the SONDEK LP12 plinth

LINN LP12 plinth finish | Brisbane HiFi

  • Decide if you want the Lid kit. 
  • Choose the baseboard

LINN LP12 Baseboard | Brisbane HiFi

  • Choose your power supply

LINN LP12 Power Supply | Brisbane HiFi

  • Choose your tonearm

LINN LP12 Ekos SE Akito tonearm | Brisbane HiFi

  • Choose your cartridge 

LINN phono cartridge | Brisbane HiFi

  • Choose your phono stage

LINN Phono Preamp | Brisbane HiFi









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