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KEF LSX pair



White cable with white speakers, Black/Blue cable with other colours

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Built upon the same platform as the critically acclaimed LS50 Wireless, LSX is true to KEF’s founding principles - to create exceptional experiences through excellence in engineering.

LSX retains the same philosophy as LS50 Wireless, utilising one amplifier for
each driver - two amplifiers totalling 100w in each speaker . A streaming
preamplifier and DSP section, combined with a new incarnation of KEF’s
legendary Uni-Q driver array is nestled within a FEA designed cabinet with a
curved front baffle, proudly displaying the unique heritage of the LS50 family.

At the heart of LSX’s audio prowess is the new 4” Uni-Q driver array. This is
a signature KEF technology continuously developed since 1988. Through
precise positioning of the drivers, all frequencies emanate from the same
point in space. This is called a point source, working in a similar way to the
human voice.

KEF’s unique Music Integrity Engine™, combined with the point source
technology of Uni-Q, ensures that sound not only comes from a single point
in space, but all at the correct time. The result is a tighter sound, with a beat
that can be followed and a soundstage where you can almost point to where
the sound is coming from.

A high-performance interspeaker cable

K-Stream is a high-performance interspeaker cable created by The Chord Company for KEF to complement the exceptional LS50 Wireless. Utilising Chord’s award-winning high-performance cable technology, K-Stream ensures the perfect high-resolution link between the two speakers.

High-performance ethernet

K-Stream delivers pristine transmission of data between the speakers thanks to its premium specification, which includes high-speed oxygen free conductors, low-loss low-density polyethylene insulation, individually shielded conductor pairs and 24ct gold-plated signal contacts. Plus, its RJ45 connectors boast a non-compression strain relief system for improved reliability.

Flexibility and style

As well as being a high-resolution, incredibly well built and reliable cable, K-Stream is 6 metres long – double that of the cable supplied with LS50 Wireless – which makes it ideal for creating a wider soundstage or for use in installations. Plus, for the style conscious customer, it comes in a choice of three finishes that perfectly match those of the LS50 Wireless.


High speed oxygen-free copper conductors

Individually shielded, twisted conductor pairs plus overall shield

Low-loss low density polyethylene insulation

24ct. gold-plated signal contacts

Over-moulded plug surround

Non-compression strain relief system





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"The crazed music fans fortunate enough to see Hendrix play Woodstock back in 1969 could not have even imagined this level of audio quality, or the convenience we have available to us today in products such as this.

Raymond Cooke was already revolutionising audio reproduction at KEF back in the 60's, and I'm quite confident he'd be pleased to see his legacy carried on, and the company still pushing the envelope today."

Find the review by StereoNet Australia here.

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