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PrimaLuna EVO 100 Preamplifier


    Dual Toroidal Power Transformers

    There are two types of noise generated by power transformers; magnetic and acoustic, which is why the best audio products use toroidal power transformers which radiate 1/10 of the magnetic field that standard transformers produce, reducing the amount of details obscured. The absence of an air gap also means that toroids have an acoustic noise reduction of 8:1 which doesn't come cheap, but PrimaLuna doesn't cut corners. All PrimaLuna products use toroidal transformers enclosed in a metal housing and potted in a non-microscopic resin to reduce noise further. This housing also protects from moisture and deterioration for years to come.

    Tube Rectified

    Experts agree that tube rectification is the gold standard as it is quieter than solid state, which drops the noise floor. Because the circuit is now pure tube it offers the most natural, textured, and vibrant presentation, although it is expensive to implement. Finding a preamplifier with one rectifier tube is great, but PrimaLuna has gone the extra step and used two 5AR4 rectifier tubes to bring your music to life.

    Superquiet Line Inputs

    Instead of using an input selector switch that leaks noise and deteriorate quickly, PrimaLuna uses premium quality sealed relays that closes after selection to give the best connection possible.

    No Internal DAC/Phonostage

    Why not? Manufacturers assume most buyers won't use their built in phonostages and so they are often poor quality, so instead PrimaLuna encourages you to get an external phonostage that meets your personal needs to pair with the EVO 200.

    Freq. Response
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