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PrimaLuna EVO 400 Integrated Amplifier


    Headphone Amplifier

    PrimaLuna has created the only headphone amp that allows you to listen with either triode or ultra-linear operation at the push of a button. Most amps use solid state op-amp chips for running headphones which can cause the amps to produce lower quality sound. Instead, PrimaLuna utilizes larger output tubes and voltage divider networks to drop the power down to levels suitable for headphones so you only need the one amplifier.

    Remote Controlled Triode/Ultra-Linear Switching

    Triode and Single Ended Triode (SET) amps have warmer and fuller sound, but ultra-linear has more extension on the top and bottom (and greater power). With a bigger difference between loud and soft, ultra-linear is great for modern music, but triode is better for harsh and brittle music from years past. PrimaLuna has designed a remote control that allows you to change from triode to ultra-linear and back again without getting up. Make an instant comparison to find the best listening environment for your favourite song.

    Custom Toroidal Power Transformer

    There are two types of noise generated by power transformers; magnetic and acoustic, which is why the best audio products use toroidal power transformers which radiate 1/10 of the magnetic field that standard transformers produce, reducing the amount of details obscured. The absence of an air gap also means that toroids have an acoustic noise reduction of 8:1 which doesn't come cheap, but PrimaLuna doesn't cut corners. All PrimaLuna products use toroidal transformers enclosed in a metal housing and potted in a non-microscopic resin to reduce noise further. This housing also protects from moisture and deterioration for years to come.

    Custom Super-Wide-Bandwidth Output Transformers

    The most important part of any tube amp is the output transformers, which determine how high and low the top end and bass go, respectively. PrimaLuna uses lower power to extend tube life and provides bandwidth to give you slam. "The flat tops and bottoms of these squarewaves correlate with the amplifier's extended low-frequency response; PrimaLuna's output transformers are of excellent quality." -John Atkinson, Stereophile Magazine

    Freq. Response
    S/N Ratio
    Input Sensitivity
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    Dimensions (WxHxD)

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