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Rega Maia 3 power amplifier (Ex Demo)


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The Rega Maia 3 is an 85 watt per channel high performance audio power amplifier housed in the Rega custom built extruded aluminium case. The amplifier has a fully protected output stage with DC and electronic thermal protection, and a power monitor for both transformers. High quality Evox capacitors have been used in the signal path throughout.

The Maia 3 uses the Rega "common base driver stage" circuit design. Rega used circuit modelling and listening tests to design this amplifier resulting in superb reliability and exceptional sound quality. Sanken 200w output transistors are used in a high current output stage and will drive the most awkward of speaker systems.

The power supply uses two generously rated toroidal transformers with 28,200mF of parallel connected smoothing capacitors, which will provide enough current to drive the hardest of loads.

85w RMS per channel into 8W

Rega Custom built extruded aluminium case

Dual Toroidal transformer power supply

200w Sanken output transistors

High thermal efficiency heat sink

System compatible with a gain of 28dB

Full flexibility within the range

BI-Amp upgrade for the Mira amplifier