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Sirius G2.1


UPDATED TO NEW G2.1 chassis

"SIRIUS G2 operates on an open standard, allowing music lovers to upgrade both the processing power and the original performance envelope of their Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), whether they’re using an AURALiC branded DAC, or one developed by another manufacturer.

SIRIUS G2 shoulders the data processing burden typically handled by a DAC. This outsourcing of processing duties dramatically reduces the amount of distortion and jitter typically passed into the conversion stage, thereby allowing the DAC to be fed a pure, efficient, and low-distortion stream of digital data. The measurements of this reduction in noise are well beyond what is currently available from other manufacturers.

Since most DAC chips have been designed to work best in a particular mode (DSD128 or PCM in 192 kHz, as examples), not necessarily the highest or lowest possible resolution, SIRIUS G2 will optimize and improve the performance of any DAC in its native or most comfortable “Sweet Spot,” fulfilling the DAC’s potential, no matter the incoming resolution of the file being played back."

- Read the full Sirius G2 press release here

The Sirius G2 is an ultra-powerful upscaling processor, deisgned to take either a PCM or DSD stream of lower resolution and output that signal at up to either 32bit/384khz or DSD512 resolution. While it works best when placed between the Aries G2 and Vega G2, is can be used inbetween any digital source and a DAC.

If used with a traditional R-2R PCM DAC it can upsample DSD to the highest possible resolution PCM supported by the DAC, and likewise it can upsample PCM to DSD for any sigma-delta DAC.

This is all in aid of reduced noise, as it takes the strain off the DAC’s upscaler while reducing ‘jitter’ and ‘dither’. The Sirius also uses Galvanic Isolation, and has 3 Purer-Power power supplies on board, as well as dual femto clocks.


- Toslink in x 1

- AES/EBU in x 1

- Lightning link in x 1

- Digital Coax in x 1

- USB Dac in x 1

- Ethernet x 1



- Toslink out x 1

- AES/EBU out x 1

- Lightning link x 1

- Digital Coax out x 1

- USB Dac out x 2

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