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Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 floor standing speakers - CLEARANCE

Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 | Brisbane HiFi

Venere 2.5,
the 2.5 way floor standing.

Venere 2.5 is a 2.5 way floor-standing speaker characterised by its Lyre shape, a homage to its 'mother' Aida and at the same time a key element in functionality and aesthetically of high quality. The Lyre shaped cabinet ensures structural strength and control of spurious resonance, creating a listening experience that is clear, detailed and extremely dynamic; the front reflex conduct furthermore makes it easy to place in the listening environment by avoiding unwanted reflection with the rear wall.

Technical features.

Equipped with a mid-woofer and a woofer in Curv™, as well as a tweeter with a silk dome created by the German company DKM, one of the most prestigious producers of drivers in Europe, the 2.5 has a baffle characterised by curved lines that allow for balanced housing of the drivers and gives vivid and engaging sound. The inclined positioning of the baffle facilitates its positioning in all environments, and always ensures an excellent listening experience.The tempered glass on the base and top and the adjustable aluminium feet are materials that unite the Venere line and give a contemporary feel to every model. All the speakers in the Venere line are identified by their ease of use and placement in the listening environment and for their impressive ability to 'disappear' leaving the Music as the protagonist. An ideal candidate also for an excellent home theatre system.

2.5 way floorstanding vented box

29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome driver with no ferrofluid. Sonus faber design.

1x180 mm Free compression basket design and Curv cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity.Sonus faber design.

1x180 mm. Free compression basket design and Curv cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity.Sonus faber design.

250 Hz - 2.500 Hz

40 Hz – 25.000 Hz

89 dB SP

6 Ohm

40W – 250W without clipping

22V rms

1107 x 340 x 437 mm

19,45 each

The last word in the Stereophile review of the beautifully crafted Venere 2.5 floor standing speakers

I loved the Sonus Faber Venere 2.5s. They sounded great with every recording I threw at them, and performed well with every system configuration I could manage. They were an ear-opening experience, and their intelligibility and balance made it brutally clear that I need to step up the quality of my Connecticut-system speakers to fully appreciate modern high-resolution audio. Alas, they're too tall to fit under my video display—but don't let that stop you. The Venere 2.5 is not only provocatively sexy in appearance; it delivers.

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