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Vicoustic Vixagon Absorptive Panels


This acoustic panel consists of advanced acoustic foam technology allowing the highest efficiency of all Vicoustic's Vixagons, and an excellent fire rating standard. The combination of the acoustic foam and the cover gives the Vixagon Tech Premium a fire rating Euro Class B.

The Vixagon Tech Premium was specially developed to be used in restaurants, offices and meeting rooms, combining acoustic efficiency and an elegant appearance. It is designed to perform mainly on medium and high frequencies, providing a cost-effective solution for ceilings and walls. Its Euro Class B fire rating makes it highly suitable for use in a variety of public spaces.

- Low weight
- Low temperature flexibility,
- High sound absorption capacity
- Good thermal insulation properties
- Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range, application temperature up to 240 °C [465 °F]
- Flame resistant
- Euro Class B s1d0
- No fibre shedding (giving an advantage over mineral fibre), making it highly suitable for use in public spaces such as restaurants etc.
- Highly suitable, cost-effective solution for large spaces.

  • Dimensions: 700 x 600 x 40 mm
  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency: Medium Frequencies
  • Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass E
  • Units per Box: 8
  • Material: Fabric, Foam
  • Foam Type: Tech
  • Edges: Angled
  • Installation Place: Wall, Ceiling
  • Fixing Type: Glued
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