Remote Access

Access controls not only provide added security to doors and gates but also aid your lifestyle. Access control or keyless entry is a popular way of not using keys when you leave your home. Access control can be provided for:

  • Front doors
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Laundry doors
  • Motorised gates
  • Secured rooms

Once installed, codes can be given to your family members. Providing the pool cleaner, gardener or deliveries people their own codes will ensure you know who is coming and going from your house.

With modern cars, it is also now possible for the car to communicate to the house to open a gate or garage door on arrival - no more distractions for hunting for that garage door remote!

Integration with your home network and a control system such as Control4 allows for complete expansion later on down the track.

If you're interested in setting up remote electronic access or keyless entry, get in contact for a free no-obligation quote.