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At Brisbane HiFi, we know the enjoyment of music can take many forms and sizes. So when you step into our store, we want you to feel right at home.

The ground floor foyer of our new showroom presents the best of wireless audio technology from Devialet. With a simple touch gesture on the iPad controller, you can have music streaming through the range of Devialet Phantom speakers - stepping through the White, Silver and Gold variants, configured in single and stereo modes. High quality audio and thundering bass in a compact wireless form factor. 

In the same open plan foyer, you will find our DEVIALET Expert range. The DEVIALET Expert Pro is a state of the art amplifier system that defies conventional high fidelity audio design - and here it is partnered with DALI’s 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Fazon 5 speakers. You can stream music from our network to the DEVIALET system - or try your own vinyl with the Pro-Ject 2Xpression turntable. 

Step into the first comparator room and you will see Brisbane’s largest range of speakers and amplifiers. We have the largest range of DALI speakers on display, not just in Brisbane but in Australia too. You can switch seamlessly to allow instantaneous comparisons between different combinations of speakers and amplifiers. Want to hear how a Rotel A-10 compares to the Marantz PM6006 integrated amplifier when driving a pair of B&W 683 S2 speakers? Just press a button. Or switch between the B&W 683 S2s and the DALI Zensor 7s. Or move up from the DALI Zensor series to DALI’s Opticon range or Sonus Faber's Principia range.  

You can even mix and match speakers for a full surround cinema system with AV receivers from Marantz, Yamaha or Integra.

Audio memory can be a fleeting thing - but with our Nexus comparators, you can keep switching back and forth and hear the nuances that you might not have noticed before.


For the truly discerning audiophiles, we have also set up a few dedicated stereo listening rooms that showcase flagship offerings from DALI, Sonus Faber, PS Audio and Audio Research. 

On the ground floor, you can experience the beautiful and magical combination of Audio Research's tube amplification and Sonus Faber's Olympica and Venere Signature speakers - beautifully handcrafted in Italy. Partnered with the AVID analogue turntable system, it reproduces such a beautiful and cohesive soundstage that makes you feel you are right there in the jazz club or concert where the recording was made. 

We have the entire range of DALI’s flagship Epicon series - from the bookshelf Epicon 2s, to the floorstanding Epicon 6s and finally the range topping Epicon 8s showcased in another dedicated room on the first level. Powering the system are PS Audio’s statement class amplifiers - designed by the legendary Bascom H King - and PS Audio’s award winning DirectStream DAC. The Audio Research Reference tube preamplifier completes the combination.

And should you be into that vintage BBC sound, we have a special area set up with Harbeth's modern interpretation of the BBC studio monitor speakers partnered with Marantz Reference amplification.


At Brisbane HiFi, we are never content with the status quo - so don't be surprised if you see some amazing new additions. We have plenty of surprises in store. If you have a particular combination of speakers and amplifiers you would like to audition, please do not hesitate to contact us at 07 3219 2545 or