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Accuphase C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Centre Preamplifier

Accuphase C-2300 Precision Stereo Control Centre Preamplifier

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Accuphase C-2300

Innovative: At the leading edge of technology

Separate left/right power supplies

The power supply circuitry not only acts as the energy source of an amplifier, the current that it supplies to the load, also has a significant influence on sound quality. Each side of this C-2300 pre features a high quality transformer housed inside its own case. The two 10,000 μF high-capacity, high quality custom-made filtering capacitors mounted on each side supply power with margins and are highly impervious to load fluctuations.

Separate unit amplifiers for left and right channels

Music signal circuits like the AAVA contain five unit amplifiers. By separating the left and right channels, the attention to detail in the unit amplifiers works to suppress electrical interference and prevent any negative impacts on sound quality

Balanced volume control, Balanced AAVA

Conventional preamplifiers use variable resistors to adjust volume, which causes contacts to deteriorate and creates grit while increasing noise at normal volume levels. AAVA, however, produces multiple, widely varying signals from the input signal and controls volume by changing the combination of those signals. This achieves minimum noise at all volume levels without any grit. The C-2300 incorporates “Balanced AAVA” consisting of balanced “AAVA” circuits, which further reduces the noise level by approximately 10% over the C-2450.

Quiet and smooth volume sensor design

AAVA uses a volume sensor design to detect the position of the volume knob and changes the combination of signals to adjust volume. Machined from an aluminium block in an ultra precise extrusion process, the C-2300 uses a volume sensor design developed in house with hefty, rigid materials to achieve an utterly smooth and solid operation feel when rotating the knob for extremely accurate position detection. Operational sounds are subdued even when using the Remote Commander, resulting in quiet and gratifying volume adjustment.


  • Balanced AAVA volume control
  • Highly reliable logic-controlled signal switching relays
  • Separate power supplies for the left and right channels
  • Volume sensor design achieves a quiet and smooth operation feel
  • Abundant inputs/outputs (5 line level inputs, 2 line level outputs, 2 balanced inputs, 1 balanced output
  • Line level and balanced EXT PRE inputs for connection of an external preamplifier
  • Output selection (ALL / LINE / BAL / OFF) 
  • Recorder selector (OFF / ON / PLAY)
  • Switchable overall gain (12 dB / 18 dB / 24 dB)
  • Left/right balance control with Balanced AAVA 
  • MC/MM switching (when AD-60 / AD-50  installed) 
  • Subsonic filter ON/OFF switching (when AD-60 is installed)
  • MC load input impedance switching (when AD-60 is installed, 30 / 100 / 200 / 300 ohms)
  • DAC input selector (when DAC-60 / DAC-50 / DAC-40 is installed)
  • Individual phase setting for each input
  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic operation
  • Display mode selector 4-band tone control (40 Hz / 125 Hz, 500 Hz, 2 kHz, 8 kHz / 20 kHz)
  • Discretely configured, high-quality headphone amplifier with parallel push/pull output stages 
  • High-carbon cast iron insulators for superior vibration damping
  • Loudness compensator to adjust audible sonic balance
  • Volume attenuator that can instantly reduce sound as low as –20 dB
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