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Signalz P2 Analog Interconnects (pair)

Signalz P2 Analog Interconnects (pair)

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The Ansuz Signalz P2 is the second cable in the Ansuz range and is essentially a X2 with improved conductor geometry and the addition of Ansuz Double Inverted Helix Coils. This gives the P2 a considerable performance upgrade while still maintaining a more financially accessible cost price and overall outstanding price/performance ratio. The incorporation of the Double Inverted Helix Coils takes the musical performance of this cable into another league as the noise floor drops and the rendition of micro detail becomes more noticeable.

Ansuz Acoustics have developed a well-earned reputation for making some of the best performing cable systems in the world, however the models at the top of their range come at a cost that is not accessible by all. Music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts alike have been asking Ansuz to manufacture a cable that contains enough of the Ansuz technologies so that it performs at a high level sonically but at the same time is more financially affordable. In response, Ansuz produced the X2 series and for those audiophiles looking to experience the effect of Ansuz Coil technology, the P2.

The reason that all the Ansuz cables sound so uniform is that from the entry-level X2 right through to the top of the range D-TC Supreme, all of the cables have the same basic conductors – a shielded twisted 1mm² solid core copper, silver plated conductor in a double teflon isolation system. They also all share the same plugs and housings. As you move up the range, more technologies are added which give higher performance capabilities. This unique way of building cable systems means that the entry-level X2 shares the same fundamentals as the flagship D-TC Supreme. Knowing that all the cables have the same proven architecture is very comforting to the user.

The performance of the P2 series has quickly made it a ‘go-to’ cable for the audiophile community. The portrayal of the musical performance is alive, dynamic, tonally correct and accurate. The soundstage is expansive with an abundance of detail underpinned with a realistic musical flow. Finally, you do not need to ‘meet with the bank manager’ to enter the world of Ansuz cable performance but regardless, the P2 is one of the best investments you will ever make in your audio system. A taste of the extreme high end in an affordable package.

Ansuz Signalz P2


HiFi+ Innovation Awards 2021

Product Specification

Model Ansuz Signalz P2
Housings RCA: Anodized Aluminium
XLR: Black Metal
Connectors RCA: Hollow pin RCA. Gold plated copper.
XLR: Silver Plated Copper
Ansuz Double Inverted Helix Coils 2 x 4
Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coils 0
Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils 0
Ansuz Charged Dielectric Technology 0
Ansuz PowerBox connection N/A
Shielding Tinned Copper
RCA Conductors RCA: 2 x 1.0mm² + 2 x 8 x 0.3mm² silver plated copper
XLR: 2 x 0.5mm² shielded, silver plated copper
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