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Sortz Range (Sortz, Supreme, Signature)

Sortz Range (Sortz, Supreme, Signature)

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Many audiophiles are not aware that unfortunately, the open input & output sockets in HiFi electronic equipment are an inexhaustible source of unwanted, interfering noise. These sockets act like antennas for airborne radio frequency noise which is picked up from the ground connection of any audio component. Thus, the ground connection is one of the most critical sources for disturbing noise. Since all audio components are interconnected via their ground connection – this noise is bleeding into all the other audio components.

Ansuz Acoustics have created an innovative solution called ‘Sortz’. It’s a termination plug for open input & output sockets which has been designed to audibly reduce disturbing noise that infiltrates any audio component through the open input/output sockets or through the ground connection. The Sortz are equipped with Ansuz’s groundbreaking technologies that ensure effective electrical grounding and they’re available in RCA, BNC, XLR (male & female), USB and LAN configurations.

Ansuz Sortz have integrated two critical technologies – The Tesla coil technology which reduces the ability of any audio component to pick up disturbing noise, and the Anti Aerial resonance coil technology which significantly reduces the actual noise level.

The second model in the range, the Sortz Supreme, incorporates most of the Ansuz noise suppressing technologies and delivers great performance. It is being used by audiophiles around the world with great effectiveness, eliminating noise and dropping the system noise floor. Once you have heard the difference, you can’t imagine removing the Sortz from your component and the more you use, the better the result. Some audiophiles have commented that inserting Sortz devices in all the available sockets has easily been sonically superior to an expensive component upgrade.

The Ansuz Sortz Supreme are a simple, practical innovation that results in a stunning sonic upgrade. Less noise, more silence, more music!


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3 Levels of Noise Suppression

Ansuz Sortz specs table

Unique Technologies

One of the key objectives of Ansuz Acoustics products is to bring down the noise floor in any Audio/Video system – without harming the musicality, energy and dynamics – something that cannot be done with traditional power conditioner designs.

In the Ansuz products you can find several different types of coils, depending on the type of noise that the product is targeting and how efficiently the product can me manufactured when taking into account the physics, engineering and cost.

The Ansuz Sortz are an amalgamation of two highly innovative and sophisticated resonance control elements that set a new standard for absorbing any vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. It is the natural and authentic sound that these resonance control elements in the new Ansuz Sortz aim to preserve. They avoid any alteration in the authentic sound reproduction that often comes along with the use of traditional grounding materials, which distort the sound by making it unnaturally cold and harsh.

Ansuz Sortz

Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coil technology – AARC

The open sockets act like an antenna that picks up noise. Ansuz Sortz are equipped with Anti-Aerial technology to drastically reduce this specific interference. The principle of this technology is to ensure that the signal path has no final length, so that it can no longer act like an antenna. This prevents airborne RF/ EMI (radio frequency radiation /electromagnetic interference) noise from being absorbed in the circuitry and then bleeding into the audio system as annoying ‘white noise‘.

Ansuz Tesla Coil technology – TC

Ansuz Tesla coils are constructed as double inverted coils. So, when these dual coils encounter a voltage spike, a counter-spike is developed in the counter-wound section of these coils to eliminate the disturbing voltage spike.

Ansuz Zirconium Bar

The properties of this Zirconium bar technology allow for unprecedented resonance control resulting in outstanding musical refinement that creates a natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical detail.

Ansuz Signature Resonance Coatings

The Sortz housings come in three finishes. The Sortz Signature model is the premium quality version. Its housing features an acoustically optimized supreme coating and has an additional layer of zirconium as top coating to ensure the best sonic performance. The coatings are applied to the housings in a particle accelerator to create the finest and most uniform layer and consists of zirconium and tungsten, followed by a layer of aluminum titanium nitride. Finally, a layer of Zirconium is applied.

Cryogenic Treatment

All three versions of Ansuz Sortz undergo a Cryogenic treatment to increase their conductivity. When metal components undergo a cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling temperatures of about -321°F (-196° C). In the course of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are displaced from the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have profound effects on its audio properties, resulting in a 6-8% increase in conductivity.

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