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HANA EL Moving Coil Stereo Cartridge


Hana or 華 means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese. Hana Phono Cartridges use high-rigidity aluminum cantilevers, and cross-shaped armatures, giving listeners a brilliant and gorgeous sound.

Hana cartridges are produced by Excel Sound Corporation (ESC)) of Tokyo Japan, an established 50-year old company. In 2015 they finally launched their own brand range of cartridges called "Hana" - 華. ESC pride themselves on their manufacturing quality and quality controls at every stage, ensuring that their hand-made cartridges offer consistently perfect results.

Designed by the veteran cartridge manufacturer Excel Sound Corporation, this competitively priced Low output moving coil cartridge brings great quality sound referenced against similar priced cartridges. The Elliptical Low output offers 0.5mv/1KHz output.

All of the Hana series have been developed with significance placed on easy use and set-up, as well as high-performance reproduction. Nonetheless, Hana's high output versions, EH and SH, supply 2mV high output, so that they can be directly connected to MM phono input for vinyl reproduction. 

The entry level E-range "EH" and "EL" cartridges come with a synthetic Elliptical diamond stylus, but nonetheless offer a highly competitive quality sound. The EL cartridge comes in a Low output 0.5mV/1KHz.

Model Hana EL
Stylus Synthetic Elliptical
Cantilever Aluminium
Output Level 0.5mV/1kHz
Output Balance <2dB/1kHz
Vertical Tracking Force 2 gr.
Trackability 70μm/2gr.
Channel Separation 25dB/1kHz
Frequency Response 15~25,000Hz
Impedance 30Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance >400Ω
Cartridge Weight 5 gr.
Body Color Moss Green

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