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THOR Technologies Smart Filter D145 Power Filter  | Brisbane HiFi

THOR Technologies Smart Filter D145 Power Filter

THOR Technologies

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Universal Filter and Surge Protector.

7 Outlets, specifically designed to provide the highest level of Power Protection of any Entry Level Protector. 18 separate and discrete AC components plus 5 DC components create a powerful barrier against transient spikes and line interferences – a major cause of Hardware Damage and Data Failure. Internet ready - ultra fast protection - RJ45 connection. 6-year product replacement warranty, $100,000 connected equipment warranty.


About THOR Technologies

Thor Technologies Pty Ltd manufactures a premium range of power protection and power filtration products that clean the sine wave, prevent line interference and protect against damaging voltages. In any digitally sensitive equipment this translates into product performance and longevity - getting the most out of your equipment for a long time.

The premium protection offered in THOR products is typically 7 times higher than the industry standard. Perhaps the biggest example is ‘Clamping Voltage’. If power should be 240V, 280V upwards blows components, fries circuitboards, power supplies etc. THOR has a clamping voltage of 275V, the industry standard is 710V, this means the industry standard will not do anything until 710V comes down the line – well and truly after the damage is done.

Examples of inconsistent and 'dirty' power include flickering lights, hums and hisses in speakers and system hangs and lockups. In the home and business environment, air conditioners, washing machines (changing cycles), kettles and florescent lights all contribute to damaging spikes and surges.