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Wire World Solstice 7 Subwoofer Cable  | Brisbane HiFi

Wire World Solstice 7 Subwoofer Cable

Wire World

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You’ve got the equipment, and now you’re looking for answers on how to make it truly sing. Take the purity of your music to the next level and draw the detail from your source like never before. Superior DNA Helix designs with unique Composilex 2 insulation deliver a greater range of dynamic contrasts and musical expression than ever before. Enjoy reduced listening fatigue along with improved definition and image focus with this simple upgrade.  Patented Silver-Tube™ RCA connectors feature the highest conductivity available, and their unique silicone rubber tension band provides a perfect grip on any jack.

A Dual DNA Helix design, Solstice 7’s silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and Composilex 2 insulation improve reproduction of musical detail and expression. Gold Tube RCA plugs have a smooth firm grip and the highest conductivity in their class.

 Design Dual DNA Helix
Signal Conductors
2 (20 strands) Gauge: 24AWG |  0.2 sq. mm
Conductor Material Silver Plated OFC
Composilex 2
Plug Contacts Silver + Gold Plated


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