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Wire World Ultraviolet 7 Digital Coaxial Cable  | Brisbane HiFi

Wire World Ultraviolet 7 Digital Coaxial Cable

Wire World

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RCA - RCA Digital Coaxial

About Wire World Digital Cables

A perfect digital audio cable wouldn't just change the sound of your system, it would also let you hear much more of the original music. To accomplish that, it would need to be incredibly fast and quiet. The industry-leading speed of the patented DNA Helix design coupled with extremely quiet Composilex 2 insulation, make the dream of lifelike sound your reality. Over a wide range of applications and price levels, Wireworld Digital and USB audio cables advance the art of preserving the natural tone quality, spatial imaging and powerful dynamics of live music.


With silver-plated OFC conductors in a precision 75-ohm coaxial design, Ultraviolet provides a true upgrade in smoothness and three-dimensional imaging.



Design Coaxial
Signal Conductors
24AWG  |  0.2 sq. mm
Conductor Material Silver Plated OFC
Insulation Gas Injected PE
Plug Contacts Silver + Gold Plated


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