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  • Speakers

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of speakers, select from passive, active and wireless, floor-standing,... 

  • Amplifiers

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of amplifiers, choose from Integrated, pre and power amplifiers,... 

  • Streaming

    Brisbane Hifi's collection of streaming sources, all things digital streaming. 

  • Turntables

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of Turntables. 

  • Wireless

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of high quality wireless speakers, speaker systems and sound... 

  • Headphones

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of Headphones and headphone accessories.  Wired, wireless, noise-cancelling as... 

  • CD Players

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of CD players and CD Transports. 

  • Cables

    Brisbane HiFi's range of Cables, digital and analogue, interconnects, speaker and power... 

  • DACs

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of dedicated Digital to Analogue converters (DACs). 

  • Accessories

    Brisbane HiFi's collection of audio accessories.  Acoustic isolation, speaker stands, HiFi racks,... 

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Benjamin ★★★★★

I recently shopped at Brisbane hi fi, the service from Edward and Josh was honest friendly and informative. I never felt as though I was just another customer.

Nothing was too much trouble and they got my sale.

Shop was well set up with demo's available on the speakers I happened to be looking at.

Happy with the gear I bought sounds great!

David ★★★★★

Wonderful service. They organised a direct delivery from the Sydney warehouse so the speakers arrived promptly. They communicated every step on the way and their price was the best I could find on the net!

Bec ★★★★★

Josh was great, responsive, knowledgeable and passionate. Purchase was easy and quick. We have a few more bits and pieces we want- we will be back!

Marcus ★★★★★

Fantastic setup for demoing and fantastic service no matter your budget. Above and beyond. If you love good sound this is the place for you. Particular mention for Joshua.