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Brisbane HiFi's available services, cable burn-in, turntable setup and cartridge installation, record cleaning and more.

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Cable Burn-In Service

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The Nordost VIDAR 2 is a professional console with multiple top-mounted input and output connections which allow a variety of cab to be burned-in. It will burn-in loudspeaker, analog, digital and tone-arm cables. The unit has a timer function which allows cables to be burned-in for optimum performance.

How the Nordost Vidar works

New cables often have very high levels of electrical charge caused by the production process. In addition, gases are often trapped between the insulation and the conductor during manufacture. This can often result in new cables sounding brittle, bright and lacking detail. These charges must be neutralised if cable is to ever achieve maximum performance.

The Nordost VIDAR 2 uniquely combines three different functions all in one operation:

  • It neutralises charges that build up around the cables and the insulation.
  • It provides a very wide band and deep conditioning into the conductor core, which produces changes in the way signals pass through the metal.
  • It ultrasonically conditions the surface of the conductors.

System Installation

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Here at Brisbane HiFi we like to offer more than the full package, we can also install, setup and tune your systems to get the absolute best from them!

Whether it's new from us or an existing system we can help out with various things from speaker placement, cable management to a full acoustic treatment design and installation.

If none of the above pricings quite suit what you are looking for, select 'Other' and enter some details and we'll get back to you with a full quote tailored for you!

Turntable Setup Service

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Here at Brisbane HiFi we love our analogue!  We can help setup your turntable, either in-store or at your house.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Tonearm balancing and setting stylus weight.
  • Cartridge and stylus installation and replacement
  • Levelling feet or suspension chassis (on-site only)
  • Anti-skate setting
  • Stylus overhang and null-point alignment

Record Cleaning

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