Safety and security for you and your family is our top priority at Brisbane HiFi. Our install team has over 60 combined years of experience and knowledge to help you build a security system to match your budget and needs.

Security License Number : 3279728
Security Firm License Class 2 Number : 4179405
ASIAL Compliance Certified

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Smart CCTV

In partnership with HikVision, we can install ground breaking CCTV and AI technology to keep your home safe. Security cameras that can see clearly in all light levels, paired with AI to recognise real threats and act accordingly. AcuSense triggers accurate trespass alarms for persons, vehicles, or both, depending on your settings. No more false alarms.

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Live Guard

Live-Guard-enabled cameras automatically ward off uninvited guests and trespassers with light and sound before they even enter your site or building. Moreover, you can customize audio messages to be broadcasted via your security cameras, for example, as friendly reminders.

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Alarms & Alerts

You can rest assured no matter where you are you'll know what's happening in your home.

Get instant, visual verification. Our systems can detect intrusions, broken glass, smoke, and fire, as well as water or gas leaks – and more. Instantly know what is wrong at home, no matter where you are.

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Automated Locks

With automated home security it’s easier than ever to see and control door locks right from your smartphone, TV screens, and dedicated touchscreens.

Lock the house at night from the comfort of your bed and never have to worry about forgetting to lock the house when you're rushing off to work.

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Remote Access

Not home for a delivery? No problem, simply unlock the door for your courier, watch them drop off your package and lock when they leave, no matter where you are!

Remote access gives you full control of your home from anywhere, allowing you to control temperature and blinds, turn off the TV you left on and make sure your kids are safe home from school.

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HikVision Ecosystem

AcuSense LiveGuard


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Video Intercom

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AX Pro

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