Most people have come across some form of smart technology, like Bluetooth speakers, TVs and smartbulbs, but what makes a home a smart home is when those technologies work together as one.

Turn off all your lights and lock your home with a push of a button at bedtime, have your lights dim and blinds lower when you select a movie to watch. Set your lights to change colour in the evening to prepare you for bedtime!

With Control4 the possibilities are endless...

Why Control4?

"What makes home automation from Control4 such a great option for our clients is that it gives this level of control to the homeowner, and they don’t even have to be home to enjoy it—as they can access their entire “connected” home remotely from their smartphones. With Control4, the client also has the ability to start small with just a few automated features and then add additional home automation capabilities based on how they want to live. It’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and the cost is manageable for homeowners".

-Adam Stickle of Primrose Homes


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