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AVR2 (8, 16, 20) Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer

AVR2 (8, 16, 20) Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer

Giá thông thường $12,600.00
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Instead of upgrading your entire system, add the Torus AVR2 and hear your power amplifiers sounding sweeter and punchier than ever before. While isolating each of its 6 power outlets, the AVR2 also regulates the power leaving the unit to output a constant 240 volts.

Going out but want your transformer to turn back on when you get back at 6? With the AVR2's scheduling features you can set it to automatically turn on or off any outlet zone, and your schedules (up to 6 per day per zone) will remain active even when internet connection is lost as long as power is maintained.

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